Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Como Estay!!!!!!!!! Familia espero que todo este bien allá en Gringolandia (America, Chilean Style). 
Well I feel like it should be known to all that I received my first Email from a woman other than my mom, sister, or Grandma in over a year... I am taken off guard.... ¿what do I do?.... Jk I still got it ;) #AintNoHollerBackGirl 

The baptism will be going down this week. Its been a long wait but I will give you more of the details next week on how it all went. I'm so ready to see a baptism... This mission is hard when they don´t come like you want them to. But The Lord knows more than I do so I should just shut my mouth. Day in and day out I gain a stronger testimony that this is HIS work... I will remember these experiences the rest of my life. 

Today I got burnt... That's not a good sign... That means that summer is just around the corner... I remember last summer in Tierra Amarilla.... Not a fun time here in the Atacama Desert, hottest desert in the world... Pray for my Gringo skin please... Sun block will be applied multiple times a day.... #AntofagastaOZoneLayerThatDoesn´tExist

I'm the most blessed person in the world. I ask daily Why me? In everything I see go down here in the North of Antofagasta.... It gets ugly... I will spare the details for the sake of my worried mother... Let's just say the Lord protects missionaries. Keep praying for me and these people. Their living situation gets me every time I walk into a new house. I love these Chilean people and the Columbians, Peruvians, and Bolivians that are here in Antofagasta. Misión Chile Antofalumbia #ColumbianSwag 

We had some really solid Lessons this past week. We were able to enter lots of houses. Find some New Investigators, Challenge some people to get baptized, get rejected at times (But that's okay), and really just help people repent of what they are doing in their lives. It's amazing amazing amazing to go out of a lesson with a 60 year old couple that just committed to stop drinking tea and coffee for a week to see how they feel.... People get touched by the spirit and actually accept to follow Jesus Christ. I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE. Thee best part of the mission. I love completing my purpose to invite others to come unto Christ I love seeing the repentance process work in these investigators. It's truly the Lord's work. 

God is giving me the trials to learn and become better. I love these trials and receiving the strength to overcome them. I am so blessed. I like my comp, he´s a cool guy. He likes to itch himself but I just laugh and we have a good time. We are working good together. I was able to do some intercambios with some stud missionaries, one who recently got here less than 2 weeks ago. Poor kid. I remember those struggling times. But we had a great talk and we got each other animated to become better and put more of an effort here in the mission. Intercambios are thee best. An Elder just got to my zone that signed at Salt Lake Community College for Baseball and is looking to play at The U... We became instant Best Friends. He´s like 6 foot 7 and throws 92 MPH. We had our fun talking about baseball... Oh the good times. 

I'm focused. We are overcoming some big big challenges with some of our investigators and problems with the Ward Leadership... That's never fun... but the investigators will come around soon. We are hoping and praying for some more prepared people in these next few days to appear in our path. I'm happy and working hard to the end. This is the best time of my mission. 

Les Amo Caleta 
Elder Paxman

The 50 dollar Chilean Sweats I bought (Deff worth it)
Elder Francis. Newbie in the mission 


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Julie said...

Oh my goodness! Elder Francis is the son of a good friend of mine from high school. Watch out for him!!! I'm glad you are his zone leader. Such a small world.

I love your emails. You have most definitely caught the vision of missionary work and are coming to understand what being a good missionary is all about. You are teaching me! Someday I hope to follow your example and serve full time. I'm excited to hear how the baptism goes. What an amazing day that will be.

Take care of Austin Francis!

Julie (and Tom too)