Monday, October 20, 2014

Dayanna's Baptism

The baptism went great.. After a little drama that is better left un said, Abraham baptized his girlfriend Dayanna. Abraham is a total stud, preparing for the mission and has changed completely these past few months was able to have the opportunity that not a lot of people have, to baptize his girlfriend. The baptism was very spiritual and the whole family of Dayanna Jaime was able to come. Literally everyone. The Sacrament room was full of Non members. Dayanna bore a strong testimony where tears fell testifying of how she knows her family as well will accept this message. The Mom and Dad will come around so that her other siblings will be able to be baptized. The parents are the key, the baptismal service was great, zero distractions. I was a proud missionary that day. Dayanna had asked me to give her the Holy Ghost on Sunday. I will never get old of feeling the power of giving someone such a marvelous gift.... I have so much love for her family, Its hard for me to express. Great Weekend. 

Daily we are finding more and more and really trying to pick out the Elect and prepared. Chile is a great place to Find people to teach, The People are very loving. At times. Its just all about being able to discern who really wants to progress or will Progress. 

The Sector is getting better, We have a few more families that are showing more interest and Are committed to coming to church in these next few days. Our Companionship goals for the Cambio are in the process of being completed. We are working very hard to complete them. 2 Baptisms in the zone was great this week but The zone showed really low Lessons with Members lessons. It just seems like They like taking the easy way, Which is the Other Lessons without finding an Hermanador. We now have our 4 Families that are showing the most potential with Their Hermanadores and their plan to conversion. The Other families we have we have in mind and our Following your guidance and praying who could be their Hermanadores, so soon every Investigator that we have will have that plan of conversion. Its working well, but will only get better. 

For the past few weeks we have been planning a Family History Class, We have an Hermana in charge of the Family History in our ward, We set a date and a time where she could come to the church, we had a bunch of Tables set up Where the members-Non members would bring their Laptops (If they had one, If not we had a table set up with the Computer of a member of the church) And the Hermana would go around and First help them fill our their ¨Mi Familia¨ Folleto and after help them set up their account on FamilySearch. The planning was great, the Bishop announced it the week before, we reminded all the members throughout the week and were doing Contacts with cualquier gente for them to get to know more of their antepasados. All of our Investigators as well. The time came for the Activity and Lamentablemente No one showed up til about 30 Minutos then slowly about 45 minutos there was only 4 people.... We were a little sad and upset that no one came, but the Hermana was helping those who came, 2 Jovenes Recent Converts and 2 Investigators. At about 8:00 p.m Elder Boullangguer and I decided to go outside and do some street contacts while the other Elders Helped inside with the class and those who wanted to know more. After a few Rejections of Inviting people in to our Activity Someone agreed to come in and see. Al Tiro we left out side of the church again, And saw the Lord bless us with our Faith of Jumping out of the Boat and another person coming home from work decided he would love to take part in the Activity for a few minutes. Although it was very basic what We decided to do in a moment of Saddness after very little people coming to our Activity, we were able to see the Lord Bless us in helping 2 New People, That we wouldn't have meet if we would have trudged around the church all sad, get to know the church and FamilySearch. Tender Mercy. Although there was only 8 Or so People in the whole Activity, I call it a success from the Testimony I received In not ever giving up, and those 8 People Really enjoyed the Class. Cool Experience.

As we were walking in the streets yesterday after a Giant Classic Soccer game from La U and Colo Colo, 2 Chilean Soccer teams, I once again realized how much Chileans love soccer. Colo Colo and La U is like The Yankees vs. Red Sox except Times is by 300... Many Beer Bottles were dodged on our interesting journey back to the Apartment... Don´t worry Im protected. We hurried home after the game. 

I had the amazing priveledge (Privaledge , Privelege ... You know what I mean) to read the talk from Lawerence E. Corbridge, The Fourth Missionary. Famous amongst all missionaries and its my 6th or so time reading it. This time reading it, a few lines really hit me.. Im at the point where I can´t not be the 4th Missionary... and to be 100% honest I still fell like a 3rd missionary at times... It kills me to say that, But I will have to make some changes to become where I know is possible to become. That's the point of life, A quote i loved from Lawerence E. Corbridge was 

´´To Believe that weakness and Dificiencies in your character are unchangeable is to reject the central truth of the plan of Salvation´´ 
Im getting there. I'm on my way. I'm not there yet but I know I will get there. I honestly feel and admire the prayers I receive. Every single small one of them. 

That's what we are asking in every house we enter.. A change in them... Whether it be a change in the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, or even saying a prayer when you wake up in the morning. We preach the Plan of Salvation, We preach change and Repentance and Faith. I love nothing more than to see change. This past week, I was able to see a change in an Investigator who we have been teaching for 5 months... A change for the good, Baptism is around the corner for her... She´s just in a rough situation with her Partner that doesnt want to get married. But Change is good. The Church is all about Change... Think about what you need to do to change. I love you all so much

Con mucho Amor 
Elder Paxman Tomen Suerte

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Julie said...

I love the family history class story. Reminds us that hard work and not giving up can pay off! I will work on my one thing. Thanks for the motivation.