Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The City of Miracles

The Baptism of Thyare Lavìn went amazing... Her parents after years of being separated and out of activity in the church these past few months have came back so strong. With Thyare being 14 years old, we had the Dad come to the house of Thyare and the mom and we didn`t teach anything... We would have the parents teach all the lessons. Every little part, Its something that we have seen bring the family together even after so many years of being divorced it was so awesome seeing the parents of Thyare teach their daughter the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thyare has a friend in Church that they have grown super super close to in these past few months. I can`t say it enough how blessed I am to meet some of my best friends here. Thyare`s Dad and I have become such close friends and seeing him come back into activity in the church makes me so happy, He wrote me a letter after the Baptism of his Daughter in English saying `I couldn`t be happier, thanks` Simple but it hit me. It really was just another strong statement to my heart showing me that its not about me, Its not about what I say or do, Its the decision and Happiness that comes to these wonderful people and thier Family. I love that Family so much. It makes me so happy seeing them happy. After the Baptism of Thyare she came up to Elder Còmena and I and started Crying with her parents holding her and she said to us `I Feel So different, so much Lighter` Another Heart Wrenching Testimony Builder. This is not our work... The Lord is directing every step and every second of our time here. This gospel is true... so true. 

Here in the mission coming from our amazing Spirit filled President, We have been focusing more and more on something as a mission we call Trabajando Como una Sola Pelota (Working as just one Ball) which refers to Baptise, Retain, and Reactivate all in one. All at the same time, Which means with all our New Investigators we need to focus on getting them their Friend, here we call it an Hermanador, who can be with them in every lesson, sit with them at church, answer their questions, just be their friend through the process of getting to know the church. And working as just one Ball we focus on having those friends of our Investigators being Inactive members, or Members who were recently Baptised so that we can retain those members even better, Help the Inactive members come back to this Gospel WHILE Being able to Baptise a new member of the church. TRABAJANDO COMO UNA SOLA PELOTA. It works... Just look at the story of Thyare, We have other Recent Converts and Inactives who are helping us so much with some of our Investigators. Its the only way that our mission is going to see the success we need. The only way we can reach our goal of Baptising 240 monthly here in the Misiòn Chile Antofagasta. President Dalton is inspired, I don`t know how many times I`ve said that. but its true. 

I would like to Introduce you all to one of our Prepared incredible Investigators, Mario Bruna, He`s from here in Iquique, he is about 40 years old. We met Mario my second day here in the sector and ever since that day he has Skyrocketed into such a great Progressing Investigator. Mario has a slight Sickness of Epilepsia, but it doesnt impede him from Understanding or being able to progress. He reads every assignment we leave him, He is praying every night for an answer if Josè Smith was a prophet, If El Libro De Mormòn is true, and If this is the true church of God, and If he needs to be Baptised... And after a week or so of dilligently asking, he got his answer. After coming to church yesterday for the second time in a row he told us that the day before while saying a prayer he recieved his answer that this is where he needs to be, in this church. He felt something in his chest he said... Oh how I couldn`t stop smiling and thanking our Father in Heaven for help this amazing friend of mine get his answer. We showed Mario the Baptismal Font and He got all excited and asked if he could get baptised right there hahah. He has a baptismal Date for the 13th of December. Pray for him. He is such a good friend. Un Amigo Eterno. He has his Hermanador (Friend) who comes to every lesson. Go Mario. 

We have had some amazing lessons this past week. The Spirit seems stronger here in Iquique. jajaj I love it here. I`m not gonna lie I felt a little nervous my first few weeks about this sector and the members how I got recieved but i literally have come to adore this ward so much in this little time here. We have so much potential. I want to tell you another quick story. A mom who is a returned Missionary who has been a little far from the church these past few years is coming back strong, Her son is 8 years old and he is my best friend Jajaja Martin. He wants to get baptised so bad and his mom doesn`t want to force anything on him because her husband isn`t a member so she is letting the son do everything on his own. I gave him a book of mormon with Drawings inside it for little kids on Friday night, When we went back the next day he had read all the way to page 150. the book only has 156 pages hahaha what a stud. and he remembers what he read. Martin is such a good kid. I love him. We left an invitation for him to pray to see if he needs to be baptised. After coming back the next day he ran up to us and told us he recieved his answer, He told us and his mom he Felt like his Stomach was being Tickled after his prayer... Wow.... for this reason I love the little kids I meet here. Such sweet little spirits. So much closer to Feeling the Holy Ghost. Go Martin. The mom is happier than ever and so excited to have her little son get Baptised. Cool little story... Go Martin

Too many stories to write about, I`m enjoying every second here. Even though Summer is on its way here to Iquique I love leaving the Apartment to go out and work, It surprises me the amount of Miracles I see daily... Straight Miracles. Iquique has more people from other countries than Chileans, Bolivians, Peruvians, And columbians, and a few Gringo Missionaries haha. Like I`ve said before Working in my sector reminds me of what working in Miami would be like, I don`t know why but it does haha. The Pulgas (Fleas) have struck again, this past week They ate me alive. But its okay. I`m used to them. Every sector and city I go to, They seem to follow me haha But I`m fine. I sprayed the whole pension with Flea killer. 

Now for a little sad news. My Really good friend. Elder Adams who is from my group, from St. George as well, Went to Desert Hills, We were going to go home on the same day and meet up with our families in the Airport at the same time broke his leg the other day playing soccer. He had to go home and Get Surgery, He gave me a call the other day while he was in Santiago waiting for his flight home. He was bummed. So close to finishing his mission. So now here in the mission I feel like soccer will be banned because of the amount of Injuries that happen. Elder Adams told me he will be there at the airport waiting for me, So yal can meet him there. I love the kid. Good friend. 

I love you all. I`m happy. Blessings are being tossed my way daily. We have a family of 4 who all Have Fechas for baptism, and also Mario. The sector is looking great. I being a missionary! 

Hasta la Proxima Semana

Elder Sargent and a few other Gringo Elders went on an adventure to go find an abandoned Golf Course of only Dirt today... We failed. We ended up walking for about an hour just outside of Iquique. We had all the faith in the world to be able to find this Golf Course that I saw coming into Iquique a few weeks ago. But it was a fun Adventure we had. 

My Comp and I got pooped on yesterday by these Giant Birds... We were doing a contact at a door when We got demolished by these Birds... I`ll show you pictures later hahah it was hilarious but disgusting... So much poop.... jajaja. 

Elder Paxman


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