Monday, December 29, 2014

My Eternal Friend Andres Van Rey Vera Escalante

Best news of the week, My Convert Andrès Van Rey Vera Escalante from Arica who got baptized a little over a year ago has been called to serve a mission in the Perú Lima South mission and reports to the MTC the day I finish my mission.... Wow... Not many words that I can express what I´m feeling. I love making eternal friends... I love that kid so much.... Pray for him. He is a special person for me...  wow... (pic attached when he went to receive his endownments in Lima Peru).

Bueno, It was good to see you family this week. Weird emotions... But I'm focused... The sector is doing great, the visits even better and the investigators progressing is blowing me away. Even with all the success we are having, the adversary is very strong... Too strong at times, but that's when we just have to buckle up and take the blows at times without falling. I learn something special and unique from each and every one of my companions... I´m learning.... That's the good thing about this life, this gospel, this mission, and the eternities. We never stop learning and never stop progressing if that's where our focus is... God won`t ever obligate us but he does have the faith in us we will continue on that path of progressing... I´m on the path, sometimes I'm crawling on that path but I´m never giving in... I don`t know if that made any sense but its just what left my mind and what I felt like sharing... 

The family of 5 familia Cáceres Mom, Dad, and 3 sons (ages 12, 9 and 7) came to church for the second week in a row... They are such a special family to me... Willing... Hungry... Prepared... Pray for them. 

Alejandro was able to come a baptism we had in the ward next to us and he loved it. He is progressing so well, but something popped up that he wasn`t able to come to church... But that's life. He has a baptismal fecha for the 24th of January. Great friend.. okayyyyyy (jajaj Inside joke)

Like I told a few of ya. This was by far the most memorable Christmas I have ever spent, so humble, amazing experience with a family that was in need of some company from friends... Amazing... I will never forget it. 

George Marincovich (Gringo from Cali, 30 years living in Chile) Made us Christmas lunch and let us speak to all yal at his house. Bless his soul. Most amazing ribs I´ve had in years.... Our Papito also on the 24th made us pizza in his restaurant. People love us. We are watched over don't worry.

I bought a Christmas present for me from the money mom sent me... My collection of soccer jerseys is now up to 17. It is official that I won`t be able to bring home anything except Jerseys haha.  I also bought some tan pants, lookin swaggy fresh up in hurr... We went to the Agro and Zofri, I´ll explain in 2 years what those are... Love ya fam and Friends...

Sorry my emails are lame. I have less and less ganas (desires) to write every week, but I will continue because I know its something you all need from me.

Con Amor Elder Paxman



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