Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Arica Siempre Arica

Well, I made it. I'm up here at the very top of Chile in one of my most favorite cities in my mission. Arica. My Son is awesome. I spent the first few days of the week in Iquique waiting for Wednesday night to head to Antofagasta to have a meeting with all the trainers and New missionaries. Its incredible seeing the Excitement from all the new missionaries. Thursday was the day, to find out who are new companions were. 14 or so New missionaries with all the Trainers in a circle with a Chair in the middle, The Newbie read their First Sector, zone, and who their Papito is. Then everyone claps and crap.... its a  cool experience trust me haha. My son was the last one to read his letter, so he read it along with someone else, The other trainers name is Elder Palmer and both the Newbies said our names at the same time haha so We had to guess hahah Palmer and Paxman sound similar, I´ll show yal the video in 2 years.. But MEET MY COMPANION Elder Cutipa (Pronounced for you White people Coo. Tee. Puh.)  He is from the Capital of Perú, Lima. For all you noobs who don´t know where Perú is, its the country directly above Chile. There are a ton of Peruvians here in the North Of Chile. He is my second Peruvian compañero. He is a recent Convert of only a year and 10 months...... I´ll put this into context for you all. When I started my Mission on March 27th 2013 My companion hadn´t ever talked with the missionaries in his life. And now about 2 years later he is now a representative of Jesus Christ. Wow.... The Testimony and Faith that must take huh.. We have only been together a few days but I can already see something special in him. Having a kid in the mission im sure is very similar to having a kid in real life... Question after question after question, Which is a good thing. He is sooo hungry to learn, He wasn´t able to go out with the missionaries due to work issues before his mission so he is starting literally from Nothing, Which is really cool. I love him. He has a glow to him. He is 24 years old, He was Baptised 22 years old, He is the ONLY member of his family and his parents were completely against him going on a mission, He worked to earn his own money for the past 2 years and has paid for literally everything he has, which isn´t much. He is a happy Peruvian. At times I need to step back and realize how fragile he is. What I do, he does. What a great oppourtunity I have to be a good Papito (Father) to Elder Cutipa.

Opening a sector is not easy. My Companion and I have been walking and walking getting to know the Street names, The Few Investigators the Elders before us were working with and also passing by all the Members houses trying to regain their confidence for the missionary work. Members, Especially in South America, See the Animo of the Missionaries and then follow it. I can honestly say these past 4 days I have never said so many prayers in such a small period of time. Literally having No one to visit, Being lost in the street, My comps Feet full of Blisters. I am fully trusting on the Lord right now, I´ve never felt like this before... Its something special, but very difficult at the same time haha... Its been a rough few days, but I´m learning so much to lean on the Lord, and Follow his Promptings... I have learned sooo much these past few days and only hope to leave this sector 100 Times better than how we found it.

Our Mamita (member who cooks for us, and washes our clothes) is amazing, she is sooo focused on this work, she is the New Relief Society President and has the Petal to the Metal, She has givin us soo many References to visit, and thats what we are basically depending on, The Animo of our mamita... The first time in my mission as well where I get to see something green on my plate everyday for Lunch... She is very worried about the health of the missionaries so she gives us Salad everyday... How happy is my body? Very!!! The Sector hasn´t seen a Baptism in about a year and 7 months... A looong time this area hasn´t seen a Baptism but We have all the Energy to help this ward. What a great challange to finish my mission. Like I said, Giving every last drop of knowledge to my kid and helping him start his mission like he needs. Lots of pressure, but also lots of Confidence. Im giving it all... 

Being able to recieve letters from Recent Converts and Emails from missionaries Wards I have served in, seeing Investigators My comps and I found and now seeing them get Baptised. Hugo Jaime, In Antofagasta, Juan Dias in Tierra Amarilla, Willians in Antofagasta.... No greater feelings than these. Im focused... and Hungry to finish strong. Love you Family, I feel your Prayers, I feel your Love. I know My savior lives, I wouldn´t be who I am today If that weren´t true.

One of the Pictures I'm sending home is of El Morro, A famous Rock thingy here in Arica... Beautiful, I love Arica.

Shining the Shoes of my son, to show the Service I will be giving him as a Papito

George (Gray Jacket 1) One of my best friends In Iquique, Gringo from California, I can´t explain the feelings I have for him.

Onward and Upward;) 
Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

I just love this--all of it. So many awesome traditions and experiences being a missionary. One day...one day. You are such a great example to me!!