Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Las Acacias Got Talent

First of all.... HACE CUALQUIER CALOR ACÁ. It's so dang hot, The Valle (Valley) Lluta and Azapa that surround the City of Arica have been receiving a lot of rain apparently which brings in an immense Humidity to the City, I thought the Dry heat of Copiapó was hot last year, I couldn`t tell you what one is hotter, but I love it hahah it brings a fun edge to leaving the apartment at 4 in the afternoon ready for a hard day of work. Not too many are in the streets due to the hottness but for the ones that are... Fresh meat... We have been talking and talking and talking to everyone... I usually start off saying to the people in the street Hace frío o no? (Its pretty cold huh?) I get a chuckle then we start talkin bout Arica, The Good Ol USA, Sports, Lo que sea and then we are best friends and they invite us back another day... Some of them are even so nice to give us a cup of water, most of the time its water from the Tap, But I accept it with love and chug it down. I love Ariceños, Good people. I`ve been applying a tactic, that my good Friend taught me on an Intercambio one time, Looking for WHATEVER to talk about with the people, whether it be a painting of 2 old people on the wall;) or hearing Spanish music and knocking their door explaining I'm a gringo and I love Latin music, just ways to get the conversation going... We are seeing really good success with this. The Number of lessons we are teaching weekly is going up and up and up. the amount of people progressing is going up and up and up, the amount of Baptismal Fechas we have is now at 5, a family of 4, The familia Barraza Jaime all accepted to be baptized on the 18th of April, Marraige is still needed for that reason, its a little far away but still. Goals, Metas, They are critical. My Companion was so happy after that Cita we had with them... Those are the moments why I love being a missionary so much.. A hard day of work and being able to have such a spiritual lesson on the Gospel Of Jesus Christ Lesson 3, and having it click in their minds, having the spirit talk to them, realizing they need this to be saved... That's why I love being a missionary, no better feeling. Other than being in that Font.

It truly is a miracle seeing how fast we can gain the confidence of a person or ward with the calling we have, I know that's part of me being set apart as a missionary, that ability. No sé si me explico.. 

This was a true quote I heard more than 5 times this week. ´Lets tell everyone that it starts at 7:30, so we can actually start at 8:30´.... I still cant understand that..... Like I said last week we have a goal of doing an activity once per week, in charge of the Missionary work, This week we had a talent show... It was supposed to start at 7:30 but we ended up starting at about 9:00.. But that's something I don't wanna talk about... Anyways in the end the Talent show turned out really good, people actually showed up, people enjoyed themselves, people left content. Us 4 missionaries did a sketch, of what people think we do as missionaries and what really happens... Its was really funny, I will have to show you the video someday, even though its in Spanish, it's still funny. The members and Investigators loved it. We had some other great talents from some Investigators and members as well, about 50 or so people showed up... Activities are what keep the Ward active. They are needed. It was a success this week. I have a future in Acting. hahah. 

One thing that I don't think many people from the US or Utah will ever understand is the sacrifice and true faith some of these members have in order to visit the temple.... Its something Unexplainable but Seeing the plans needed and the resources as well really is amazing to see what these members go through... I have so much Respect and love for these faithful members who give basically everything to make the trip just to go to the temple, I always heard these stories but never thought they were real... They are real... I love faithful members. It kills me to say I have a temple 5 minutes from my house knowing before the mission I didn't take advantage of that luxury... truly amazing these people. Our ward is planning on making the trip in April to Cochabamba Bolivia. 

I don't want to go into big details about this last thing but, lets just say, being exactly obedient doesn't always mean being best friends with everyone. Bad habits some members have had with previous missionaries are very hard to break without being put on the bad list, or the lame Elder list, or the Cuatico missionary list, as they say here. But I'm here to be obedient and I try to explain in a loving manner why, and I can say I am not the most loved missionary for that... But I'm happy cause my son understands the importance of Obedience and receiving the blessings from heaven. That's all. 

I remember When I started the mission the old old missionaries on the verge of going home, would always tell me `When you have our time Elder Paxman, you'll understand why we do what we do` I cant explain to you how happy and blessed I am to not be saying those words to the new younger missionaries, That's not what the gospel is about. I'm so blessed to have understood, I thank my Mission President, previous companions, previous Zone Leaders, and the Lord for this sensation of knowing who I need to be. I'm a happy Missionary, Giving every last drop in the heat of the Arica sun. I know who I am.

Elder Mason C. Paxman

Elder Ngatai from Utah and I bought matching Colo Colo Jersies from Peru, Blessings that members can go and we are so close, the jersies cost 5 mil, about 8 Dollars.

Being able to see My Convert Andres Vera today was a highlight I will never forget, Surprising him at his door step, He is leaving on his mission the Day I finish my Mission, Such a great bond we have together. Here's a pic with him, we both are still as skinny as we were a year and a half ago.

These are about half the Ties we have in Giant Bags in the back of our pension, Literally thousands of Ties.... Insane, Missionaries are always coming over to check them out.

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Julie said...

Your Mom and Dad(s)have got to be bursting with pride and pure joy when they read letters like this. Heck I'm proud, and I'm just your aunt who had no influence on how great you are! I love your determination and commitment to obedience--we can all take a lesson from you. See you soon, and don't roast in that heat!

Julie (and Tom too)