Monday, February 9, 2015

Queridos Familia y Amigos,

What a week, I can honestly truly say, I have never been so tired... We are working so hard, I have all the desire in my soul to leave this sector healthy, (as we say here in the MCA) Progressing families, members animated to help us, a good stock of Future Investigators, Fechas Bautimales, ETC.... That is the desire of my heart right now... I just want to give it all to this sector. Leave it all on the court, Leave it all in Arica. I am on the right path for that...

At the Start of the week, as we were having a rough day getting into houses, we were walking in the dusty streets of the North of Chile, my mind started wandering to my sector in Iquique, the one I just left, Thinking of all the Progressing families we had, Future Baptisms, The Success We were having, And then I got a slap in the Face and basically told myself... No Ya Pasò (Its over with) This is where you are needed. After the few seconds of Reflecting I look up and Saw a Señora (a women) Sitting on her doorstep playing with her 3 kids. Without even thinking My Comp followed me to go talk to her.... It was an Experience very difficult to explain in words. The Holy Ghost needs to testify to you all the things I was feeling while speaking to this women, It was revelation just basically telling me... Forget about your past, I need you and your Talents here in this Area now... It was an experience I wont forget, The contact was good, the Women has lots of Intrest, but I know that wasn`t why we needed to talk to her, A lesson learned... I don`t know if that made sense but It changed my perspective on things, Cachai. 

The ward is improving we have an Hermana who is in charge of doing an activity a week with the missionary work in charge, How awesome is that. This past week we did a type of Get to know you activity, No time to explain, but it was a great success, and 2 of our progressing Investigators were able to come. Next week, the theme is valentines day with a small talent show. Activities are key!!!

There are some Young Women in our ward who are preparing to serve missions, they go around and touch doors (Knock) to find people for us to teach hahaha How sick is that hahah. Amazing, Seriously, We are being blessed with some great new people thanks to them. Go find some people in your neighborhoods for the missionaries to teach. 

My Son calls me his Maestro (teacher) or Papito, hahah I can`t help to love that but I correct him and tell to just call me Elder Paxman while laughing, I love him. I want to see him have success. He is such a good Elder hahah. 

I have never seen the Importance of Talking with Everyone in the streets until now. If we don`t talk with people in the streets, we don`t get into houses.... I am learning so much. 

So real quick. My ward in Antofagasta, Las Arenas that I was in for 6 months had a family, Claudia Torres and her 2 sons they have been active members their whole life, her husband isn`t a member. She is on vacation for a few months here in Arica and it just so happens to turn out she is in my ward here, the coincidence, my first Sunday she comes up to me and explains that her son turned 8 the day before and he wants to get baptized at once and not wait til the end of his vacation, and she doesn`t know anyone here, or doesn`t have family worthy to baptize so she asked me, because we were so close with her family in Antofa... So I was pleased to baptize Little Benjamin. Smartest most mature 8 year old I`ve met, Future missionary and Bishop. It was a great experience. 

I have more to write but Its time to get back to work, Until next week. Love you Family and Friends.

I was able to visit some past friends here in Arica from when I was here a year and a half ago, nothing like coming in contact with Your Eternal friends again, My Convert Andres wasn`t in his house:( but next week hopefully.

Elder Paxman


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Julie said...

Oh my goodness--how fun to be able to baptize that cute, excited 8-year old! I'm just so impressed and amazed at how hard you are working right down to the minute you leave your mission. You will be so blessed for that commitment!