Monday, February 23, 2015

Quest for my Eternal Friends

First... After reading all those great emails of yours, Quiero Que Sepan (I want yal to know) as the family Mangum counciled their son, I am in no rush to come home... I know the time will come, but I have never been so calm in my life about the thought of what will happen in these next few weeks, I am worried for only a few reasons, 1.These people in Arica, Chile need what I have, and 2. I have no more toothpaste so I need to buy some more at the store today.... That's all. My only 2 worries in my life right now :)  I know I won´t be saying that a few weeks from now. But for now, I´m still Elder Paxman, and Im still happy to say that :) It's a calming that I have that overtakes my body, Obviously its the Spirit that is fighting stronger than the adversary to keep me focused. Even if the adversary sometimes uses your weekly emails to get into my mind ;) God always wins when I let him. I know God won today... 

With that being said, the work goes on, It's marching... This past week will be remembered forever for being the hardest week to enter houses... Lots of time in the street under the sun, Praying under my breath for someone... Just anyone... I get emotional thinking about it, I teared up a bit during church sitting next to my companion and not next to any investigators... One of the worst feelings for sure that obviously happens to everyone in their mission, but with only a few more chances to bring souls to the gospel... It hurts. The work is not easy, But I can also say after this week, that I gave it my all. Which gives a reassurance to my heart, that it was meant to be and a lesson was learned that was more important... I hope... 

This ward needs more interaction with the work. They need our help, Is revelation my companion and I realized while doing our companionship study yesterday... They need our help. We have been focused on that aspect, just now, in other forms. The Week ended on a good note with finding a great New Investigator, Paula. I have Faith in her. The Next lesson will have her Hermanador to help her through the process. Its whats needed. I Get it. 

Crossing the roads and walking in Zig Zags to walk under a post for a milisecond of shade... Or finding a tree to walk under.. Its killer. But I Love it. 

I bought Oakley and Ray Ban glasses today for 7 dollars each. Super Fake, Thank you Perú, They are dope. We ate Roly´s today, famous restaurant here in Arica, I ate 3/4 of the sandwhich. My companion is awesome, keeping me working hard and focused. Still on my quest for my eternal friends. Love you family and friends. I found the Rav 4 here in Arica!

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Oh the Rav....keep on keepin' on! And here's to some cooler weathe for you.

Julie (and Tom too)