Monday, July 8, 2013

Baptism, Spanish, Mamita and Completos

Hola Familia, Este Semana was good we had a baptism this Sunday and she is going to get confirmed next Sunday. We also have another baptism Saturday, Kaime and Leonardo. Leo is 21 and me and him have became really good friends. It's very rare you see a man above the age of 17 get baptized here in Chile. There is just so many things that these people are accustomed to doing and trying to change their life is difficult. But Leo has put everything he has into quit smoking and the law of chastity. That's an especially hard thing to get teenagers and young adults to stop. But Leo is a stud and wants me to baptize him this week so I am stoked for that. Kaime is 9 years old and is the daughter of the Young Mens President.... Ya I know.... The church in South America doesn't work the same way it does in the states... That's something I'm getting used to. People are very laid back and chill here and don't take the importance of getting baptized seriously.. so that's where the Missionaries come in haha.

My Spanish is really really improving. My spelling of it is terrible. Sorry for that but oh well. Having to speak it all day every day really helps me out with learning. I know the Lord has His help with me as well. I bore my testimony in church yesterday (In Spanish, ya crazy I know). A good thing here in church is that whenever members go up to bear their testimony they always talk about how the members need to help the investigators because almost all of the members are converts of less than 20 years because the church here is pretty new. So that helps so much when we have investigators in church with us and the members are bearing their testimony of the importance of our investigators. Other than that it's really hard to get references from them for their family members who aren't members hahah. Oh well, thats Chile for ya. 

Oh P.S. family, Tyler Strehlow (my best friend if you didnt know) signed to play baseball at Salt Lake Community College... What a freakin stud right. He is so excited to play college ball, so everyone congratulate him hahah. Ya okay.

We got a mamita this month. A mamita is a ward member who cooks for us so that's chill. I don't like it haha I like having the freedom to eat however much I want and save a lot more money for food. Oh by the way I re watched the missionary broadcast thing and I saw flippin Katelyn St. John.... So awesome hahah. I want her email to email her. So someone help me out with that. Oh Happy Birthday Chase. You're a stud. Dont get Trunky ;) 

I get bored a lot of the times walking so I start singing in the street in English. That might be why people think the Mormons are weird... Oh well... There are also these things that I love, they are called completos. They are basically a hot dog except 10,000 times better. I will never eat a hot dog again because of completos. They are a hot dog with guacamole, tomatoes and mayo stacked on to it.... You have no idea how amazing they are. I´ll cook them for you all in 2 years. Also, empanadas, but that's a different story. You better be ready for some amazing food in 2 years. Anyway, ya I think that's all I'm gonna write about.... Love you all. Go read 3 Nephi 27:16-21. It's my favorite scripture to use to set fetchas (baptismal dates) with investigators. 

Elder Paxman


Wayne Cable said...

Way to go Elder Paxman. Keep up the good work. So happy your Spanish is improving so rapidly. We love you.

Julie said...

Sounds like you're having quite the adventure in Chili. I can't imagine being so immersed in a foreign country and language. I'm sure it's the best way to learn though! Katelyn's email is She left the MTC for Houston on Monday, and I can't wait to hear how she's doing. G-ma is keeping her blog updated, so you can check that as well (if you're allowed to do that). Anyway, take care and keep working hard!!

Julie (and Tom too)