Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello Fam and Friends. Short and Sweet again sorry sorry.

It's the last week of transfers so it's basically finding week. We need to get some investigators that are progressing so we can baptize them next month. I have a really cool story, stay tuned for later in the show. (This isn't the cool story, it's actually kind of sad. So feel free to feel bad for me) This Friday I woke up pretty weak and sick and so I did what a good missionary ought to do... I worked out and showered and got ready for planning meeting and I went to planning meeting. But this is where it goes wrong and I turned into a bad missionary. I was so sick that I made the mistake of lying down on the somewhat comfy benches.. I had zeroooooo energy so we went back to the Pension (House, for you gringos out there) and I took a little nap due to doctors orders. I tried going out to work that night and had to end up coming home after a couple hours due to sharp pain... blah blah blah ya ya. So turns out I had/have an infection in my intestines or something... All I know is I have lost a couple pounds and couldn't work the past 3 days.. I did go to church yesterday and I think I might have left the Pension Saturday who knows. Luckily for me one of the Elders in the office is a certified doctor so he gave me lots of drugs to make me feel better so hopefully all is well. I probably won't die or anything... Probably... Nah I'll be fine. No worries. 

Cool story time. Last Monday we did a zone attack in a little town called Mejillones. It takes us about 20 minutes to walk from the farthest left of the city to the farthest right and about the same from top to bottom. So imagine having 16 mormon missionaries knocking the doors trying to find some new investigators... It was really entertaining to watch hahah. Anyways, we all broke off into little sectors of the city to knock some doors and we got new companions for the day. I was placed with Elder Storey. Elder Storey and I have the same amount of time here in Chile, and we're both Gringos hence we were entrusted in a big responsibility. Turns out Elder Storeys Spanish is coming a little slower for him so I had to do a lot of the talking. About 2 and a half months in Chile and I was speaking to full on Chileans in lessons and in the streets and while touching doors. We found 2 new investigators and taught 3 lessons... Better than some of the Latin companions did... HOOOZAHHH That's right.... I know Spanish hahah JK.... but it really was an amazing experience and I learned so much in those 3 hours. The Lord helps us when we need him the most. All you need to do is ask for the help. I think I can do this. I'm ready to train Elder Sargent. Love you all.

Elder Paxman


Unknown said...

So happy that you are feeling better. It can really be the pits when you don't feel like getting out of bed. I am happy that you just pushed through it, and trusted in Heavenly Father. You are learning a great deal about life and its challenges. This will serve you well for years to come. So happy your Spanish is coming along nicely. The people of Chile are lucky to have you there. We love you and pray for you each night in our couple prayer. Then there are those moments when I just think about you and offer a silent prayer in your behalf.
G-Pa Cable

Julie said...

Go you!! I'm glad to hear the Spanish is coming along. Sorry, though, that you got sick. The pictures were all fun--especially the one with all the boats. Keep up the good work!

Julie (and Tom too)