Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello People,

The weeks seem to just fly by. It feels like it's only been a few days since I wrote to you all. That's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Well all is well, nothing to complain about. I had a baptism this Saturday, Kaimy Elisibeth Muños Castillo. She is an adorable little 9 year old. She is the step daughter of our young mens president and her mom is very active. Why she wasn't baptized still confuses me.. But that's where the missionaries come in. So we asked her this week if she wanted her step dad to baptize her. She said no. Then we asked if she wanted the bishop or the counselors. She said no. Then we asked if Elder Martinez. She said no. Then we asked if she wanted Elder Paxman (That's me by the way) and she jumped up and yelled "of course I do!!!" hahaha She is such a cute little girl. So I was able to baptize her this Saturday. The ward was very confused why I was in the font and not the step dad or the bishop... Oh drama.... Oh well.... Who cares.... Not me... I'm just here to save souls. So that was basically our week.  Kaimy was confirmed on Sunday and also Javiera from last week because we baptized her after church last Sunday so we couldn't confirm her. So this week was a good one. We have 1 or 2 potential investigators hopefully we can baptize on the 27th of this month. All is good though.

Something miraculous happened the other day... Here in Chile we are in winter and guess what... It rained..... IT NEVER RAINS HERE. So flippin amazing. Except when I use the word rain I really mean drizzle... But the gente here NEVER see rain so people were going crazy haha. Some missionaries go 2 years without seeing rain. Nothing much else went on. We are teaching lots of lessons. My Spanish is really coming along and today we are headed to a small little town called Mejillones and the whole zone is going to do a zone attack. 14 Missionaries in one little zone knocking all the doors trying to find some new investigators for the zone. Hahah it should be fun. We are gonna go there, play some soccer, and eat Churipan... (Mini Hot Dog thingys) and then do the attack. It should be fun. 

This week I had the opportunity to teach the law of tithing twice. So I wanted to share that with all of you, the importance of tithing. I think in Malachi 3 it talks about the importance of tithing and how God gives us so many blessings the least we can do is help out the church with 10%. The blessings we receive from tithing will overpower that 10% and we will really be earning blessings in the long run. The church is growing in the world and they need the money to build the church buildings and temples and basically everything to make the church function. That is something Chile has a lot of problems with. People are poor here and giving up their money is difficult for them. But what I stress when I teach it is the blessings that will come from paying. Ya okay I'm done. 

Always try to love everyone. It's REALLY hard for me right now but it's something that makes life easier. Love you all.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Cute picture Mason--congratulations on your first baptism! Fun that it rained there. I think I'd pretty sad to live in a place that never saw rain. We've had our fair share of it here this month, and it's great. Take care and keep working hard!

Julie (and Tom too)