Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Game Day!!

Hola. Como Estai

Good past week. To start off I want to talk about a family we have been working with for about 2 months. Her name is Marta and her Pareja (Partner) Angel. And her 2 kids. They have been dating about 6 months. She was baptized about 5 months ago and he was baptized 5 years ago, but are both very inactive in the church. But slowly, with our help, and the ward's help they have been coming to church and activities and Family Home Evenings. They even went to Conference! We have slowly helped reactivate them in church.  And they are so so excited every week for our weekly Family Night and to go to church and we are talking about setting a date for marriage as well as going through the Temple. There is such a great feeling when we reactive a family. It's as if I just baptized her, him and her 2 kids. That's what the Mission is about. A lot of people and missionaries think our job is to only baptize baptize baptize but there is more to that. Reactivating families is just as important and rewarding in the end. I love the feeling whenever I see the people come closer to Christ here. Our ward is really really focused on reactivating families. We don't have a very high percentage of families coming to church so the vision to help the ward is really improving.

On Friday Chile played Soccer against Columbia... The country literally SHUTS DOWN when Chile plays. Chileans\ Latins love their FĂștbol. Haha it was tough getting into houses none the less pretty tough getting into houses without the game on hahaha. I may have seen a tiny bit of the game hahah. Oops... not my fault ;) We tied 3-3. People were mad... hahaha Chileans... Some of the members here are super funny, at times we can walk into their house and they can talk for DAYYYYZ. Especially the old people haha Chileans really like talking! 
I gave the lesson in Gospel Principals class yesterday... In Spanish... I'm basically pro now..;) Jk.... But seriously, haha jk... 

Hmmmm what else...  Last P Day we went to the beach and played baseball. How awesome was that!!! I had so much fun and got so burnt haha, I love living sooo close to the beach. And today for P Day we went to a Museum of Mummies.. hahah super weird but awesome hahah. Nothing much more. I love the mission.  I love getting e-mails from all of you about what's happening back at home. It makes me smile hearing about all my family :) I have a list of people to pray for above my bed and I literally pray for EVERY last one of you by your name. I love you all so much:)


Julie said...

Such a fun email--pictures are so awesome. I personally liked the "Walk Like an Egyptian" imitation. How great that you get to work with members to help reactivate them!

We are in the final days before Emily becomes Emily Ezola. Planning her wedding hasn't been without drama (is anything surrounding Emily without drama?), but I'm really excited for her and happy to welcome Bryan into our family. If we get some good pictures, I'll send some to you.

Take care, and keep on keepin' on. You are doing such a great work. What an honor to be on the Lord's payroll!!

Lots of love,
Aunt Julie (and Tom too)

Wayne Cable said...

I loved reading about your week. It truly is very important to gather those who have been inactive!!They are Heavenly Father's children as well. This may turn out to be where you find most of your success. I am happy to know that the members of the Ward are willing to get involved with your work. It is also nice that you get a little free-time to unwind and enjoy the beach and baseball!! I love you, and pray for your safety and success.
Love,G-Pa Cable