Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seguir Adelante!

Hello people... Chilling in the sevir right now with my good friend, Elder Sargent. It's great having him here in Northern Chile with me to keep me company. hah freaken Sargent. He's a good guy. This week was alright just moving along day by day trying to help more people come unto Christ. We are helping an hermana that lives in the sector of the Zone Leaders build a second floor on her house. Houses here in Chile are very simple and easy to build so us missionaries are doing that for her hahaha. I literally almost lost my finger using a power saw the other day but that's not important...

This week was a week full of meetings with President Dalton. It's always an awesome opportunity us missionaries have to hear our President speak to us. He talked A LOT about obedience which this mission could really improve on... My vision of a missionary changed a lot when I got to this mission. Lots of chueco (disobedient) missionaries. So President pounded that subject which is good cause everyone could improve on that. Hopefully some people change... We also had interviews with President which happens every 3 months. Just to see how things are with us and to ask some questions about our comps and stuff. I feel a ton better after talking in our interview with him. All is good. Pretty calm week for the most part. Trying to be as happy as possible.

I just saw Chase´s pictures of him coming home from his mission..... hahaha made me super happy for everyone who got to be there for that. I cried tears of joy haha. We are working super hard with our ward trying to help the Relief Society and Elders Quorum and all the organizations have animo to work to strengthen the ward. They need a little pushing but hopefully they catch the vision as well. Lots and lots of work to do to this ward. I have been doing some intercambios with some of the Priesthood in the ward to work more with them so they can see how missionary work should be done. And also to get a little break from my comp. So the ward hopefully starts leading and helping us missionaries. 

Pretty calm week. Me and Elder Sepe, my district leader who I live with, have been running the the beach every morning for our exercise, It is so good for me to sit on the beach for a bit every morning and just be calm and hear the waves... Nothing like the mission. Thank you for all the Prayers and Teancum for fasting for me to be happy and all the e-mails. I love love love my family soooooo much and think about you all all the time. 

Elder Paxman


Julie said...

It sounds HARD to be a missionary in Chili. Hang in there and keep plugging along! It seems like your ward could use some good older couple missionaries to help them too. We sure take our smooth-running wards here for granted. I love that you have a beach to do your morning runs on. There's nothing quite like the sound of crashing waves. Onward and upward!!

Wayne Cable said...

I always faced interviews with the President with fear and trepidation. I felt like he could see into my soul. They always turned out fine though. I knew he was directed by the Spirit in how I needed to be helped. I know you are having a little hard time eight now, but with you will "trust in the Lord with all your heart, He will direct your path." This I know to be true. I promise blessings will come. I love you Elder.
G-Pa Cable