Monday, October 7, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend for Missionaries

I have realized something... I complain too much. :):) hahah The mission is too short to look at all the bad things happening. 1/4 done with my mission I gotta enjoy the next 18 months the best I can! :) Conference was exactly what I needed!!!!!! The Gospel is so humbling and the messages this past weekend were perfect. I hope all of you can re read and ponder on the talks given by our amazing Prophets and Apostles. By far my favorite talk was President Uchtdorf, and the quote that got me the most was.... "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith".... Love it. and also the talk that talked about Just Look Up. We were able to have a vacation for us Missionaries. All of Saturday and most of Sunday all the Gringos had a Gringo room where we were able to watch Conference in English. MERICA!! It was such a great weekend.
I tried sushi for the first time in my life... I threw up.... I don't like Sushi.... hahah freaken Paxman... The mission is such an awesome, ideal place to make some good friends. I'm super excited to keep in touch with all the Elders and members and friends I have made here in Northern Chile. There are some studs here that I have grown real close to. Nothing like the mission. 

I went on intercambios with a member in our church the other day. What a humbling experience that was. He began to tell me of his amazing experience in the Temple he had the past week. People here in Northern Chile have to ride a bus for 14 hours to the nearest Temple in Bolivia. It's about a 5 day process to drive there, do the sessions they want, hang out in Bolivia, and then return. The whole stake here in Arica went, about 6 buses full. This Brother I was doing intercambios with lost his job because he had to be away from work for so long and his boss didn't approve it but he realized that the temple was much more important and this opportunity only comes along once a year for the people here. So humbling what these members here have to go through and now he has no way of supporting his family. He was very very stressed and sad but enjoyed his experience at the temple... so amazing. We are so lucky to have a temple about 10 minutes from my house.... so humbling. We had a Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) with our ward. We have it every 2 weeks and the Sociodad de Socorro (Relief Society) was in charge of it this week. We had 34 people come!!!!! Half of our ward assistance!!!! It was awesome. The ward is catching on to our vision!!

On the Mission we have tons of fun. I take lots and lots of videos of the crazy things Elders do... I am unable to send the videos through my e-mail so when I get home we will all have some good laughs while watching my videos:) I cut the other Elders hair yesterday... I'm a pro NBD. Ya all is well. I'm all good. Life is good. Conference gave me the animo to keep going. Love you all.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

Conference gave me the animo (whatever that is) to keep going too!! I loved it soooooooooo much. Keep up with the positive attitude!