Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earthquake and Tsunami

We have permission from our Mission President to Email you because Yesterday at about 9:30 pm there was a very big Earthquake here in the North Of Chile...It was a think an 8.3 on the Earthquake scale.. whatever you call that haha. I don´t know how big it was in the News in the States but President is getting lots of calls from worried parents. All the Missionaries are okay. 5 people died where the Earthquake was the strongest in a city called Iquique just south of Arica where they also felt the Earthquake strong. All the Missionaries in Beach border towns had to evacuate to the Mountains but all is good. Nothing happened here in Tierra Amarilla we are about an Hour away from the Beach, We just felt a little Earthquake is all. So ya... Im okay.. Im sure you were all veeeeery worried ;) hahah nothing happened to the Missionaries here. Love yal

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