Monday, April 7, 2014

Earthquake Frenzy

On a spiritual high as of right now. General Conference came at the perfect time for me... The Lord knows me. I'm not a very intelligent person so its hard for me to remember all the words from the prophets and Apostles during this amazing General Conference but a few things that have stuck in my mind and won`t leave are 1. From Donald L. Hallstrom in the Priesthood session. We should be Priesthood men. Showing spiritual maturity in all things. We should be different because we have the Priesthood... That phrase won`t leave my mind and has changed my perspective on my mission, life, and future. What kind of Dad do I want to be?.... It hit me hard and I'm excited to put it into practice as of right now. 2. Uchtdorf. Are we Sleeping through the Restoration? Get up and do something... Love it. 3. Teach grace.... How as a Missionary can I teach real Grace? Those 3 things and many more hit me hard and I have never felt anything like I did during the sessions this conference. I'm a better man I hope. We were blessed to watch conference in English in our gringo room hahah It was fun... I ate too much junk food, but ehhh I don`t get fat so its okay :)

We were able to invite basically all of Tierra Amarilla to Copiapò to watch our Prophets and Apostles speak. We had 1 investigator who came. Jenny Smith who has a date for the 26th came. I hope she liked it. She is very shy with her feelings. We`ll get it out of her We have a Family Night with her and some members tonight. She is our only investigator who is progressing. We are doing lots of finding finding finding. Lots of street contacts and working through members. Alleen and Ximena also were able to come and they loved it as well. They are recent converts and I am so happy to see their progress. I love our prophet.

This week has been filled with some Bakàn earthquakes here in the North of Chile. The Missionaries in the North are okay. We have the Lord on our side. On Thursday there was a small earthquake in Tierra Amarilla. It felt really cool but gave me scared. All is well don`t worry. Rumors of some bigger ones on their way for Tierra Amarilla. On Tuesday the lights went out in all of Tierra Amarilla. It was awesome having an awesome Family Night under the Candle Light. Gotta love the Mission experiences. In our last District Meeting I had the Elders bring their journals... Missionaries are lazy and we never write in our journals so we did that for a while to catch up on our lives.... We`ll be thankful one day for our journals. 

Cambios were this week All 4 of us are staying here in Tierra Amarilla, I`ll be finishing the training of my kid. I'm excited. He`s a good kid. My MTC companion Elder Butler is coming down to Copiapò. I'm excited to see him again. Our mission is a lot different than others because we are soooo spread out. #NortherChileProbs I had a great intercambio this week with Elder Hotvedt, The other Elder in Tierra Amarilla He is such a good Elder I love learning from others. 
All is good here in Tierra Amarilla. The weather is starting to cool down, jacket weather. Our Mamita still cooks amazing food. I'm still super skinny. Shout out to my friends, Braxton Ipson got called to Columbia, Chance Aplanalp going to The Dominican Republic, and Gavin Smith going to Tia Juana. GO SPANISH SPEAKEN!!!! Crazy that the Sophomores when I was a Senior are headed out in a few months for their missions. Such great guys. I'm lucky to have friends like that. Love you all.

Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

My words to you this week--BE SAFE!! We will be praying that the earthquakes will stay away from the Lord's missionaries--especially Elder Paxman. :) Loved conference too, and was lucky enough to spend it in St. George.