Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I can´t write too much. We were in Tur Bus all day making sure all the missionaries left and got here without a problem. Like always there are always problems and we/I had to fix all of them. Our mission is special due to the fact of how big it is. It is the biggest mission (land wise) in all of Chile. And Chile is the longest Country in the world, so you can imagine. It takes about 24 hours in bus to get from the bottom of the mission to the top. There are about 9 major cities that everyone knows that are in our mission. Cambio times are INSANE because of all the missionaries coming and going from any part of the mission. Very complicated process especially cause all of the missionaries usually carry 2 or 3 Suitcases and Tur Bus literally hates us for that and yells at us every time we travel... It's a pain, but someones gotta do it.

I am staying here in Antofagasta for my 4th cambio. My companion Elder Antonio is going up to Arica to be with Elder Mangum haha. It was a very surprising cambio because I have more time here in the ward but President felt like I am needed for more time here. It's funny how the Lord works. My New Companion is Elder Mendéz, My first Chilean Comp. I am super excited for this. I am with him right now and I'm just excited to work calmly now. He seems like a cool guy. He is from the South of Chile. I can´t remember the city but its close to Talca. He has about 1 year in the mission and this is his first time as a Zone Leader. I'm excited to teach, and work with him. We have so much potential here in our sector. 

This past week was a tough one... After battling and fighting for these past 4 months, The Chilean, The old comp of Elder Sargent, decided to go home. We spent night after night, talking to him, Trying to let him think it out. The week consisted of us trying to help him, calls from his mom, Stake President, and Bishop down in Santiago... We had so many spiritual moments, rough moments. This past week seemed like it lasted an eternity... One of the worst feelings was seeing someone pack his bags to go home early.. Can´t explain much more. Hard week. 

The Missionary work this week basically didn´t exist... It was impossible to get into houses all week long was party, after party, Asado after Asado, drunk person after drunk person. So during the 18 we had to just stay in the house of a member who taught us how to make Empenadas, gave us mote con Huesillo, and we ate LOOOOOOTS of Meat hahaha. One of the best days eating all the Chilean meals. We then came to our mamitas house to find another Asado waiting for us with more meat. I was able to eat rabbit for the first time in my life and have to say it was theee greatest meat I have ever tasted in my life. A peruvian Elder that I live with tells me its very similar to the meat of a Cat... He eats Cat hahah... I have a huge desire now to try Cat.... I loved Rabbit... (That's what the picture is below). 

Sorry I don´t have much time. Up and down week with not a lot of missionary work because of all the Chileans enjoying their week long Independence. I am excited for the challenge that's on it's way. All the Elders that heard who my new comp was told me ´´Good Luck´´. I have learned to not care what others say. I have a new vision and am excited for this opportunity to love and serve along with Elder Mendez. 

Elder Paxman


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