Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Highlights of the week... Too many to write, That's always a good way to start an email.

I'm able to go out to work with short sleeves for the first hour of the day... That makes me happy. I'm tired of the cold even though I love it more than the hot... I´ll be eating my words in a few months. But for now, I'm happy with wearing my short sleeves in this upcoming spring in good ol Antofagasta Chile. My sector is too ghetto.. Pray for me. I´ll tell ya when you´re older...unforgettable

This past week I have been enlightened with many different types of emotions.. The majority have built me up into a better, stronger, more dedicated, losing myself in the work missionary. But however many times I say it, doesn't mean anything If I can´t put all that I have learned into action. So that's what I'm in right now. The time for action. I'm sick of all these goals I put and just not being able to keep myself focused, being too lazy, Satan getting in the way... I don´t know what it is... But I'm in the moment of acting. During a great period of companionship study I came across the Chapter 13 in 1 Corinthians. Many of the verses in this chapter hit me hard, 2-4, 4-7, but the one that hit me the most was verse 11. I´ll let you all read the chapter.. It's not too long... Read it, you wont! I'm putting my effort in being the man I want to be ALL of the time, not just at times... That chapter might be my favorite. Don´t you just love Study time, receiving nuggets of knowledge.. unforgettable

This past Thursday was the monthly Leadership Council with all the ZL´s.. You don´t know how pleased I was to be able to come in contact with some of my best friends here on the mission, that recently got called up to a ZL. Elder Mangum, Sargent, Funaro,Laulu-Pututao, Butler, Storey. It was tough holding in the emotions seeing these friends of mine, especially Mangum and Sargent. I haven´t seen Mangum since being his comp about 7 months back... He´s doing great like always, on my paper of motivation that I have above my desk one quote says ¿were you being an Elder Mangum today? The dudes a machine here, role model and brother for life. Go Utes. President Dalton gave us some great new changes that will occur here in the mission some that the missionaries are going to have to adjust to, one including No more drinking Mate... It's hard to explain what Mate is. Google it.. The Latin and now the Gringo Missionaries are addicted to it... The mission is going to have a rough time giving up Mate, but Iré y Haré Lo que El señor Me ha Mandado.. Pray for the Argentines... The Leadership Changed my Vision for the better, No time to explain it all... I'm remotivated on a monthly basis from these meetings.. pure Spirit... unforgettable

I taught the sickest member family, the family Fernandez, how to make brownies, (Picture Below). Their son is in the mission. I love this family so much, we had a good Family Night with them. unforgettable

I was able to do an Intercambio This past week with a great friend of mine, Elder Wooten. He has about 3 months on the mission. His Spanish is getting better on the daily. We had a blast doing street contacts, talking about goals he has for his mission, What he has a hard time adjusting to, what he likes.. It was a great Intercambio.. I love this part of the mission.. One of the best parts, Unforgettable 

Victor Araya is now a proud Priesthood Holder, He is preparing this upcoming week to bless the sacrament and he is more than pleased to see where he has come these past few months. I love this man with all my heart. He hasn´t missed a day of church in over 2 months. Better than all of the other members. Victor... 

We were dedicated this past week to find some new families. and the lord blessed us with our good desires and hard work being able to find 4 new Families to teach. 2 columbian families. The first time in my mission being able to teach Columbians... That's really weird because there are so many of them here, but Columbians are awesome, they remind me of Chris Whetten and Tyler. Except with Dope Spanish Accents. We have some great potential with these new families and the families we have been working with. Yesterday we had a great lesson with the Family Jaime, They weren´t able to come to church because of a Catholic Parade that was Obligatorio to go to... Chile.. But we were able to watch José Smith, The Restoration with the whole family and the Boyfriend of Dayana (16), who is preparing for his mission... Spirit filled room with him testifying of the truth. Nothing better than those types of lessons. At times I come out of Lessons and Just look up and can´t comprehend the blessings I have to be able to serve as a worthy servant.. Its a once in a lifetime chance and too many young missionaries take advantage of it. I'm so blessed to be here, I wish that you all could take part in these experiences I have daily.. Its truely amazing seeing the Lords hand in the work... unforgettable

Today I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to visit 2 families that I was able to visit a little over a year ago. My first baptism-convert, Elisa... I get emotional thinking about the experience that happened today. Knocking on her door and seeing her open the door after more than a year and seeing her light up, smile ear to ear... She remembered me for the ¨Pollito que no Hablaba´´ The little chicken that didn´t talk. hahah We shared some great memories, a few close tears thinking of the wonderful times. After 10 years of investigating the church, fighting cancer, her son has Autism, and me being able to be apart of her teaching and baptizing her, even though I had no clue what was going on hahah. I can´t explain the feeling while talking with her. Her hair grew back, she goes to church every week with her whole family, she´s happy. Visiting a convert was by far the most weird sensation I have felt. I have never felt like that in my whole life... I loved it. I feel like she has always been my friend, even before this life, my Eternal Friend. Unforgettable experience with her this morning. I was also able to visit the converts of my Papito Elder Smith that we visited a ton, Once again same feelings came back. They treated me like so nice even though I had no idea what was happening haha. I don´t know how to explain myself right now. I'm just on top of the world with being able to visit my first baptism and seeing her faithful in the church... I'm happy with where I am... I love the mission more than anything. unforgettable

Elder Paxman

 (I told Elisa not to hug me, but she couldn´t help it)


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