Monday, September 8, 2014


¨I love you Elder. Keep pushing, keep going. It´ll all be worth it. We have such a short time here in the field and eternity to look back and reflect on how we served. I know if we just dedicate ourselves to being the best we can be, if we just give it our all, we´ll be able to look back with no regrets. Thanks for pushing me. Thanks for helping me. Thanks for your example. Can´t wait to see you next month!¨ 

Nothing like a good pump up letter from my good friend Elder Mangum... I needed it. I have put many personal goals lately. Im in the moment where I want NOTHING more than to complete them and be the best missionary I can be. Its hard at times but I can do it. I need to forget about myself more.. Plain and simple. I'm learning so much here... 

I was able to play some Fútbol for the first time in a month and a half today... Boy was it good to get out and run for a bit, Sports are necessary in life... and ESPECIALLY in the mission once a week. I missed Soccer. I scored like 89 goals... I lost track... nah Mentira, Pero la Verdad;) 

The Highlight of the week was yesterday at church. Our Baller Recent Convert Victor Araya  was able to bless the sacrament along side of our Elders quromn president. It took him a few tries  and a little help from the Bishop but he did it!!!! Seeing a Recent Convert bless the sacrament, Like i´ve said before, is undescribable. Go Victor, I love that old man. He was calm and happy like always during church. He makes it worth it.

The second Highlight of the week was an Intercambio I was able to do with one of the Elders who is training. Elder Stratford, Ex Zone Leader 22 months in the mission and he´s got the vision. I love sitting back and just watching those missionaries who... just get it... Taking notes and applying what those missionaries know. we were able to have 3 Heart crushing lessons due to the circumstances, the people we found, live in. 1. Drug Addict who abuses his mom 2. Mom and Dad with 12 year old son who are getting kicked out of their house and who are going through a Divorce 3. Mom and Dad with 3 Daughters, 2 of them Twins who also are having problems in their Marraige... As a 20 year old Young ¨Cabra Chico¨ (Little Goat, what the adults call us young people here) Its amazing what the Lord trusts in such young people... To Find the Necessities of these people with real problems and to convert it some way into the Gosple.. Its amazing how much we succeed in this. The Teachings of Jesus honestly help in any situation... I love it. I love Jesus. So sad though during these visits with these people... My heart crushes listening to their challenges... The Blessings will come, early, maybe a little later, or even in the heavens, but I promise the blessings will come. We need to have that in mind. I was able to stay in the same Pension (Apartment) during the Intercambio with 2 previous companions, Elder Cardozo, Argentine, and Elder Malan, My son. Nothing like having talks with old friends of things you can apoligize for and resolve... I love all my companions Especially those 2. My son is such a Stellar missionary, proud Dad;) Its good getting old feelings off your chest. 

We had some really spiritual lessons this past week, Finding Families that really need our help, Its amazing the Trust the Lord has in us to help them like I said before. This next week is going to be a good one, The familia Jaime Si o Si is going to come to church along with a few new families we have. Baptisms on the way. Saving souls! 

I also figured out how to use the phrase ´I wonder or Probably´ Correctly in Spanish. We have to use the Future Tense for phrases like that... so that was a fun fact for this week. I love Spanish The Language is amazingly beautiful, Daily learning more and more. jajaj

I think thats all. Last 6 months. The Burners are on to give it my all. #NoRegrets. #MakeGoodmemories. 
Onward and Upward 

Elder Paxman
oh ps. The Mission Address has changed. Don´t send any packages or letters to the other Address. Send everything to 

Elder Mason Paxman
Casilla de Correo 70
Antofagasta Chile

Not that you were gonna send me anything in the first place ;) Although one last package would be awesome with a bunch of small little knick knack presents for the kids here for Christmas, Puzzles, Crayons, American Stuff,... You all are smart... The kids here would love that. and also I need more floss sticks... Not normal floss but floss on a stick hahah I dont know how to explain it but you know what im saying, make sure they are good and not crappy floss sticks, and candy I miss American candy gummy stuff.. :) hahah Thats all ... wait, and money lots and lots of money:) Thanks bye:)


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KCMangum said...

I love reading Elder Paxman's letters. He and our son Elder Mangum were best of friends. Tanner learned so much from Mason. Thank you for posting these letters which give us another glimpse into the life of an Antofagasta missionary at their finest. We wish your son all the best in his last six months. We hope to meet Mason someday to thank him for his amazing example of hard work and positive attitude.
With Appreciation,
Karen Mangum