Monday, September 29, 2014

La Portada Antofagasta

I shed a few tears hearing that I wasn´t able to see the last game of my hero, Derek Jeter.... A walk off single.... wow.... That hurts...

Hermana Alejandra, the mother of the familia Jaime, CAME TO CHURH. I love seeing the faces of the people on their first time in church. The daughter Dayana is being baptized on the 18th and we hope that it will be a white night along with the whole family. The boyfriend of Dayana bore such a powerful, indescribable, spirit filled Testimony that hit the whole family, especially the mom. I wish you all could be in these lessons... It's impossible not to feel the Lord in there with us. This is His work... Wow.... Obviously it hit the mom hard enough that she was able to come to church and I know she loved that as well. Pray for the Familia Jaime, 5 Souls that need to be saved!!! 

Hector Figueroa recieved the information that his divorce papers are progressing... The system here in Chile is soooooo slow, a few years ago here in Chile it was illegal to get divorced so at least its not to that extent right now... but still, he is hoping by the end of October he will be able to have his papers ready and the marraige and the Baptism will come AL TIRO (At once). He really is a trooper, being a missionary, reading the Book of Mormon for the 2nd time, Prepared!

We had some really spiritual lessons this past week, we are finding finding finding, we have a few Investigators who know the Book Of mormon is true and that José Smith was a Prophet but for x reason they just don´t want to come to church... we have tried everything with them. My soul hurts for them. One of our Investigators Regaló (Help?)  me a 120 Painting that his Brother in Law painted... He wouldn´t accept a No for an Answer... So wow that was cool. Its amazing to find those people with the heart that just explodes with Love for the people that Preach about Jesucristo... So.... ummm. who wants a dope Painting?

We were more than privelaged this past week to have our Conferencia De Zona. All of the Missionaries in Antofagasta (about 50 of us) Got together to hear President Dalton teach us the revelations from God he recieves on the daily. He is a genius and is a servent of the Lord. MISSIONARY WORK FOR THE MEMBERS IS EASY!!!!!!!! All it is, is finding a way that the missionaries and your non member friends/family are in the same place at the same time as the missionaries.... thats it.... nothing more..... How easy is it to be a member missionary!!!!!!!!!! In an environment that is very natural without the members even saying anything the non members ask us who we are... Innevotable (that is spelled completely wrong) that they don´t say something and thats when we explain and politely ask if they would like us to pass by their house.... It works.... We have put it into action this past week and it truely works!  Now for you people at home... Go make it happen.... Its so easy and it doesnt damage the relationship you have with your friends.... We learned a ton of other things that we are applying and that work.... I love Revelation... especially seeing the work advance. 

The New Zone La Portada is amazing we have such amazing stud missionaries. I love being able to see my Son Elder Malan every Tuesday. Such a good kid, he makes me proud. I love the missionaries so much. My New Companion is a funny kid. He is a convert of 5 years and is a spiritual giant. He is a chubby Chilean, we get along pretty well. I'm just always tranquilo (Calm?)  Nothing to complain about. Working hard on the daily grind. 

I'm on my Spiritual/Temporal high right now. I'm leaving nothing behind in these next few months I have left. I'm getting spiritually sexy as well as my body.. T.M.I? My study journal has been pretty empty my whole mission but that is something I have been ripping up these past few days. I'm writing down any spiritual revelation I recieve in my Study Journal... I love my Study Journal... You all should make one.. It helps 140% better. I'm on a spiritual high and I have also gained 8 pounds in the past month and a half;) I spent 65$ on food last week... Don´t judge me... GET SWOLL!!! I'm happy... I will be even more happy when I see the Familia Jaime and Hector Get baptised!!! I miss Yal Caleta (A boat Load). Thank the Lord for your trials.

Les Amo muchísimo 
Elder Paxman

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Julie said...

So fun to hear that you have the possibility of bringing 5 people in a family to the gospel! Just think of how that could change the lives of that family for generations. Nothing better than that. We'll pray for them and Hector. What a day it will be when you get to see him married AND baptized. Wow. Keep up the good work!

Julie (and Tom too)