Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I have officially caught the Chilean Fever.... The month of September is a month like no other here in Chile, even with all of the Peruvians, Bolivians, and Colombians here in the north of Chile the Chileans are showing their country pride. The 18th of September is their Independence Day but they take it to another level and party all September long with Asados (Barbeques) Dancing Cueca (Chilean National Dance, Google it) and the kids and even the parents playing with their Trompos (Chilean Game, played at this time of the year, Google it as well). I'm officially addicted to playing Trompos. So much fun to do tricks and stuff. I`ll bring a few back so we can all play together. Also during this time of the year, what little Chilean food exists, we eat it, some of that includes Empanads de Pino, Sopaipilla, Cazuela, Choripan,  Pastel de Choclo, Mote con Huesillo, and Completos. (You can google all those to see what they look like) I have been enjoying eating all of that lately. Gotta love Chile #VamosChile

We had the privilege to play some soccer today. The youth in our ward are on vacations for the week, so we took advantage and played some good competition in some Fùtbol. 

This past week was a little rough getting into the houses with all the people going crazy with their Asados and flags and drinking and stuff like that.. Normal Chilean stuff. But we had some amazing lessons with investigators and also menos activos. Our investigator, Hector Figuroa, who has been waiting patiently for his divorce papers to come through finished the Book of Mormon this past week... He is converted 100%. We are still just waiting on his papers so he can get married, get in the water, and receive his calling as our new Bishop. I love Hector. Our recent convert did it again, blessing the sacrament for the 2nd time. He looked to good up there standing next to a 17 year old priest and him being 67.. Something special I`ll tell you that... A special man. The Familia Jaime is doing alright. Dayana (16 Years old) and Hugo (10 years old) are amazing, they come all by themselves, without us even reminding them. Last week thinking the family was at a scout trip, Hugo came and surprised us staying all 3 hours all by himself. They are special people.. They make my day happy. We put a Date for them for the 18th of October to be baptized for one last push for the mom and the other 2 sisters to show some desire to come to church  and achieve the commitments we leave them. If the mom doesn't get baptized we won`t baptize Hugo because as time goes on and his sisters get married and move out, he won`t have the support. The mom is necessary. Dayana is prepared and her boyfriend (19 years old) who is preparing for his mission is going to baptize her. She is the catalyst of the family, such a good example. Pray for the mom and the 2 sisters of Hugo and Dayana. They are our family that is progressing the most. We have a stock of about 17 different families that we are teaching, they all just don`t seem to like waking up to come to church.... It's something I have seen my whole mission that it's sooo difficult for me to get the people to church. But we aren`t nervous, we will continue finding finding finding, the more we find, the more people like Hector, Victor, Dayana and Hugo we will find. 

Everyone enjoy your 18th of September with a little barbeque of your own. Join in on the spirit of Chile. 

I find out cambios this Saturday. I am up in the air with what might happen. Stay tuned. I'm excited to see where and with who the Lord needs me for these upcoming 6 weeks. 

I have been studying a lot in 3rd Nephi this past week. I love El Libro De Mormon. Do your family night, family-personal scripture study, and family-personal prayer. The Lord asks very little of us compared to what he asked his son to do.
Les quiero muchísimo 

Elder Paxman

 I made my comp French Toast this week, he loved it hahah Silly Latins trying American food, gotta love it. He made me Breakfast as well. The thing with the Guacamole sauce on it is a Sopaipilla.

 The dog we always pass by that we named Marta because it looks like the dog from the show Martha speaks, she was sleeping.

 Chilean Atardecer (Sunset)

The trophy is the trophy for the Libertador, a huuuuge tournement of all the South American soccer teams that a team here in Chile won. The Team is called Colo Colo, booo it's my rival ;)

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Julie said...

Gosh I thought that dog was dead! I'm glad she was just sleeping--although that's a super weird place and way to sleep. And both breakfasts look YUMMY. I love sopapillas! Never had one with guacamole, but it looks delish. It's hard to believe you'll be home in just six months. I hope you remember how to speak English! :0