Thursday, December 18, 2014


Surprise... Cambios were this Saturday. I wasn`t expecting any changes to be happening, but my little Peruvian pal Elder Cómena is leaving me. I will be getting a new comp that I will be helping for his first time as a ZL, He is a great missionary, His name is Elder Contreras, He was born in Bolivia but has lived in Argentina all his life, He has the same time in the mission as me, 21 months, so that should be interesting because we both will be finishing our mission in 2 cambios and they most likely won`t be closing our sector because its the Zone Leader Sector so that was unexpected, from the looks of it, I will be finishing my mission somewhere else... But thats not something to be thinking about, just a thought. All we can do is work! My mind is 100 % focused on El Es La Dádiva (He is the Gift) we have so much potential for new investigators that we have been blessed with through talking with Everyone in the street about this wonderful Video. Elder Cómena and I prayed, and Even fasted for help to find a certain number of New Investigators this upcoming week through El Es La Dádiva.... 17.... Thats the goal. I would love prayers from all you to be able to find 17 New Investigators this week. Im giving it my all, These last few months!

I don`t got much to say, and don`t have much time. But I`m just ready to find some people to get in the water and help them change their lives. 

Details for the skype call. no more than 40 minutes per call, since I have 2 families I can still get 2 calls, We were thinking about starting our call at 5 o clock in the afternoon in Chilean time on the 25th of Dec. I`m not sure what the time difference is in Texas and in Utah in comparison, but you all can google it, I`m a missionary I can`t. If 5 O clock my time works out for you all, let me know, If not, next week let me know a time that would be better. But try to make it work haha. If you don`t want a call from me I`m also fine with that hahah, I`m just doing this for mom cause I know she wants to see me. and fix some final details for when I get home. So I guess we will plan at 
5:00 pm - 5:40 pm (Chilean Time) I will call Utah, Mom and everyone
5:50 pm - 6:30 pm (Chilean Time) I will call Texas, Dad and Chase Etc... 

If not I`ll see yal in a few months. Tell me If that sounds good. 

Nothing much more to report. Im happy, Tired but happy. Working as hard as I can.

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