Thursday, December 25, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Hi family, Its gonna be a quick email. Its been an up and down week. ANIMO ANIMAL. Just gotta keep tellin myself that. We were able to see some great success this week. We found 5 PREPARED families. Alejandro, who is from Brasil, Ended up crying twice in our lesson, the spirit was so strong, he was able to come to church. We have a lesson with him tomorrow, He found what he was looking for. He is about 30 years old, amazing guy. The Familia Caceres, a family of 5 the mom is a less active, her dad is a Bishop in Santiago, the Partner of her is sooo dope, He is a non member, His name is Braulio, He seems so prepared it almost seems unreal. They have 3 kids, the youngest 7 years old has Autism... He looks so much Like Tanner, it makes me so happy to see them, His Autism is a lot more severe than Tanners (Or does Tanner have asburgers, IDK).... But anyways the whole family was able to come to church. what a blessing, they loved it, We have a cita with them tomorrow with their Hermanadores, Next step marraige! Other than that, we had a great week hearing from Presidente Dalton and Hermana Dalton give us some Council, They never seem to surprise me with the way they teach us. Amazing meeting, we had a little Christmas program where we exchanged gifts and all that fun crap. The Viejos (Oldies) missionaries gave their final testimony in front of the 2 zones that where there, that was including me, That was hard... Its hittin me... I just want to sprint.... its a fight, But i`m gonna win it. I will talk to yal tomorrow,

Just barely reading some of my letters from my mom and Dad gave me some extra boost I needed... I love you all more than you will ever comprehend, even if its hard for me to show it. Im trying to do the same with those around me as well. I feel like I need to better my Personal Study and Dedication. Please never stop Reading the Scriptures as a family, Daily is what the Prophet asks, nothing less... Something that hit me hard was something Presidente Dalton said in the Conference, *While holding up the missionary handbook* (All the rules we have) He said, A missionary who really understands the Atonement, will have no problem with this book. It hit me hard. Obedience is what we are asked, nothing less. When we fall, repent and be better... Simple as that. 

I know the Lord is with me fighting along side the temptations daily. When I fall, he helps me up, I will never stay down... Its amazing how that happens... I just want to help these people recieve the blessings awaiting them. A very Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad to every one of you. 

Skype call, Final Details, Approximately

Mom I will call your Skype about 4:00 pm chilean time. On The 25th Of Dec.
Dad I will call your Skype about 4:40 pm Chilean Time. On the 25th of Dec. 

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