Tuesday, December 2, 2014

El Es La Dadiva (He is the Gift)

El Es La Dàdiva, (He is the Gift). If you guys haven`t heard of this campaign the church has put millions and millions of dollars in yet, go to the website christmas.mormon.org and get ready for the Christmas of your Lives. The whole project is focused on a short video that will be blown up all over the world. Remember the promise that says before Christ comes again, The Gospel will be known to all the world.... It's here.. Jk but it's getting close. This past Thursday while with our President in Leadership Council in Antofagasta, We were instructed and Edified by this campaign that is going to be happening for the month of December, letting the world know what the First gift of Christmas really was. Please go check it out, and share it, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, Wikipedia, Whatsupp, vine, and whatever other Waste of time social network is out there. This video will be put at the header of Youtube, on December 7th. Whoever opens YouTube will be able to watch this video, its projected that over 220,000,000 will view the Video. It will be on Youtube all the other days, just not the header. In Time square New York as well, they have bought a giant billboard with the message as well, I hope I explained myself, because this initiative will be the whole worlds missionaries focus for the next month to SHARE THE GIFT. COMPARTIR LA DÁDIVA. I couldn´t be more excited and blessed to be called to be a missionary at such a time in the history of the church, we will be putting all of our forces to find new Investigators through this initiative, to help them accept our message. So excited for the greatest christmas of my life. Its hard to beat last years Christmas spending it with my Amigo Elder Mangum, But thats how life goes, we always gotta be getting better, so Así es. 

While in Antofagasta we also recieved some Instruction of some new rules occuring that we will be presenting to the zone tomorrow in our Meeting with our zone, The biggest news including no more Soccer, Basketball, Football, Etc... here in the mission. Its going to be a principal of Obedience and the missionaries understanding their true purpose as a servant of our Lord. The Mission might not take it very well, but we have to deliver the message in full support of our President and how he feels about the recent Big Injuries we have had here in the mission with some of my really close friends that had to end the mission early from such sports. It will be good to recieve more blessings for being more obedient. I will go and Do what the Lord has commanded me, We are planning on going Fishing next week for P Day haha, we will be able to play sports the rest of our lives, Anything to keep us here in the mission field for our full 2 years will be a blessing to us all. 

Up and Down week here in our Sector, Remember Mario Bruna from Last week, We started the week off good with him, His Hermanador in the church who we are having Baptise Mario won´t be here for work issues on the 13th of Dec. So we talked to Mario about getting Baptised a week Early so his friend could be here and because of his amazing progress, he was all for it, super excited. When we went back later on in the week he had a change of mind and obviously his family started talking, throwing out some rumors and stuff about the church, With his Sickness he is very easy to manipulate and thats what happened, his family convinced him not to take this step of Baptism. As we sat there thinking of what to say and how we could react in the best way for Mario, the only thing that came to our Mind was to bear wittness of the truthfulness of what he was about to do, Baptism, and the opening of the door to the Broad Path in front of him. We were very determined about the Invitation we left for him to do that very night which was put all the thoughts that we have said, that his mom has said to him, think for his OWN, and kneel to our Father in Heaven to ask him what to do... we left feeling sad, but also there was a glimmer of hope. As we returned the next day after a full day of stress and prayers. The Old Mario was back! hahah, oh how happy I was to see the same glow, He said he still would like a little more time to get to know more of the church but he was alright... still on the right path. He came to church yesterday for the 3rd time and this time he dressed up in a suite and Tie and everything. Better than most of the members hahah, so awesome. He loved the Church again and is happy to be apart of it. We´ll see how everything plays off this week. 

Some other great Miracles happening this past week as well, too many to count, like always, but A new family, a couple came to church, they are working on their Divorce Papers with previous Partners so they can get married, but they are progressing very well, José and Marcela. They loved church and even Downloaded the Church Library App to sing the hymns in sacrament Meeting. 

Another touching experience with an Investigator that has been coming to church for the past 2 months without fault, she just has 1 thing thats holding her back, she believes in the church, she loved the Book of Mormon, and after months of working with her Last night we found out what her Problem-Challenge is... now knowing how we can help her, even though its something I´ve never dealt with or have seen a problem with before in my mission, we can pray for her specifically, and teach to her needs... She is 23 years old, from Perú and needs help.... Its amazing the Love the Gospel brings when people just want to follow Christ... The only desire in their heart is to do good, even with Satan Right there. I grow so close to these people and especially this Investigator.

More Investigators progressing but Its hard for me to explain whats in my heart and the moments I have daily. I love being a missionary. My journal is going to be such a strength for me later on in my life remembering these moments I´m having. 

I bought a Fanny Pack today... I´m super cool hahaha. My way of thinking is just at the point Where I don´t care anymore hahah, I just want others to be happy, and I don´t care what people think of me helping them get there hahah, That was random... I also bought a Sick new Soccer Jersey today of a Chilean Soccer team.. My collection is now to 14 Soccer Jerseys and apporximidatly 200 Dollars spent.... but.... Like some famous dude always says... Go big or go home.... happy Christmas to me:) #SwaggyMcPaxman #CamNewtonStyle I finally bought Sunglasses for my lovely eyes... Its getting too hot here. The Summer Lovin here in Iquique, My new Glasses are Ray Bans, they costed me 3 Luca (about 6 Bucks) they defenitely are legit and not copies... dont yal worry. I look Fly but still professional like a missionary. I think thats all for today... I dont got much more to say other than I am content... Happy to be where I am. 

I would like to tell yal what I`m thankful for, because the Holiday of Thanksgiving doesn`t exist here I would like to let my feelings out. In no certain order... This Thanksgiving I`m thankful for...

.The Atonement
.My Father in Heaven and his love to send his Son
.The Prince of Peace
.My Giant Family of 11 Siblings and 2 Bonus Parents (Im lucky on that part)
.The Mission Chile Antofagasta, The mission that has changed my life
.Every last person that I have met here in Antofagasta, Arica, Tierra Amarilla, and Iquique
.My Dad, Brother, Bonus Brother, Grandparents, and Cousins examples of Serving missions. 
.Cameras, to take pics and remember these memories here
. A family that Prayers for me daily
. My Friends that support me
. Warm Showers whenever our Califon works, once a week usually
. My Soccer Jerseys
. A mission President that really cares
. A happy life
. and Much much more... But I am out of time... I love you all

Con Amor Elder Paxman


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Julie said...

Such fun pictures! I love that you are near the ocean and in such a pretty place now. I also love that you are happy and working hard, and I really love that I get to share in your mission a little by reading your emails. Keep working hard!!

Aunt Julie (and Tom)