Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Surprise Baptisms

Surprise Baptism!!! hahah Mario Bruna received an Answer to his prayer that the 6th of December was the day he needed to be baptized... He said, "I know this is true so why wait?" hahah The Lord is guiding this work... After some quick adjustments, calls and planning. We had a great simple, but spirit filled baptism on Saturday. Mario had his mom and younger brother support him which was a giant step for them 2. I know they felt the Spirit during the Baptism. The Hermanador (I don´t know what that is in English... Friend sorta thing?) Was able to baptize Mario. He was so content and came up to us after and said to us that he has never felt so calm and relaxed in his whole life... This can´t be scripted... He is so sensitive to the spirit, He is a special man. He received the Holy Ghost and also the Aaronic Priesthood, as a Presbitero, yesterday as well. The Bishop has already taken Mario under his wing to help him in this process as a new convert to the church. Meet the newest member of the Barrio Lynch, Iquique! I live for saving souls... It gets me so sickly pumped hahah. #BaptizeIsLife

I haven´t had a scripture hit me as hard as 1 Corinthians 10:13 hit me this past week in maybe my whole life. While studying-praying-pleading for help for one of our investigators who recently told us a major challenge that she has been battling lately, I felt like the Lord put the answer in that scripture to me. I have read that scripture over 100 times, I have that scripture memorized from reading it so much, yet I have never felt so strongly about the atonement or the love of our Father in heaven than during my personal study a few days ago. We shared this scripture with our investigator. She is moving forward... Slowly but is not giving up on asking for help. She knows all this is true. I love these people so much, I just want them to feel the same happiness I have now. 

We have been focusing on El es La Dádiva (He is the Gift) lately... Inviting everyone to Youtube and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Wassup (Latin Texting app that without a doubt will use in my future) to watch the short clip of the First Gift of Navidad. Gettin our Street contacts on... I love the rejection, its worth it knowing finding 1 could change the life of them and your own. Dedicated only on finding through this, now that we have 0 people with Fecha... It came at a perfect time... Pray for new Investigators for our sector and the mission, and the world.... 

I love these Latin people. They love brownies... They think they are thee coolest and most delicious thing ever... Either I'm by far the best cook in the world or they really just like brownies because they freak out over the brownies hahah I have become an expert at making brownies because I do it 3 times a month at least. Silly Latins. I love them. 

I recently was informed from mi Amigazo Elder Sargent that Iquique is ranked #1 in the world for drinking Soda.... Correct me if I´m wrong but that just aint healthy. I am so sick of Coca Cola... But its so delicious so I don´t say no jajaja. I miss my Gatorade.... My Body is screaming for water.... I should probably give it some... Maybe later... Aint no body got time for that. 

The fleas have strucken again... My body is full of bites. We have a gringo from California in my sector who is a member... I love him to death... He´s a story for another day...  I´ll just say that I love testifying in my native language... But he is a doctor and he explained to me that my PH level in my body is very low so for that reason the fleas find me delicious... I knew it... I´ve always had that thought in my head if It was just me that thought I was delicious, now its confirmed... Yes... #LameMissionaryJokes but George (The Gringo that I am able to speak English to) gave me a paper to take to the pharmacy to buy a special soap to rise my PH Level... So hopefully the Fleas stop molesting me (Molestar = Annoy in spanish, Funny I know haha) So T.B.A. on the Flea situation. Iss all good though, not too bothersome. 

Chase and Ciera start looking for my future wife for me. Don´t blow it. 
Mom you´re the Best, Patience with dem Jóvenes of yours
Dad, keep being swaggy. 

Chase just boggled my mind again of what I´m doing after the mission by inviting me to live with him in SLC.... Devil Child.... I thought I was set... More praying for the future it looks like.... 

Elder Mason. C. Paxman Sr. 

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Julie said...

Man you've gotta love a surprise baptism!! Totally awesome. This was such a fun email.